about bright heart singing

If you enjoy reading about my journey and sharing how you are changed, moved, or challenged by the themes I raise, then you are whole-heartedly welcomed to join the conversation, comfort, controversy, and communion here at bright heart singing. It is my hope that this forum will be a way for us to “talk” to each other and deepen mutual understanding. I wish, more or less, to keep the focus off a direct dialogue or debate with me and rather use my time to foster an on-line community designed to explore deep, complex spiritual issues and mysteries. I am hoping my topics will be only a “spring board” that you dive off of and splash into the “pool” of your own experience and Truth. What do you observe in your pool-of-Truth when you contemplate issues discussed at bright heart singing?

Please feel free to completely disagree with my perspective if that is your authentic response to my writing; and then, take the time to share with us your experience and perspective. As you read my posts and other’s commentaries, I invite you to discover what is alive and responding inside you as you read. Is it anger? – then share what it is that threatens you or crosses your boundaries. Is it hope? – then follow that inspirational wave and write about where you feel transported to. Is it despair? – then try to map out the territory of your emotions and thoughts. Or is it laughter? I dearly hope bright heart singing is a place where humour abounds and runs rampant delighting, healing, and quickening our Selves as we explore complex spiritual and other issues.

bright heart singing is a place — or rather space — that exists amoung us all where we can enrich, celebrate, and support our spiritual selves and journeys.

I only ask that we treat each other with supreme reverence so that we can build trust to share our truths, and foster hope that we may be enlightened witnesses for each other.

Namaste and Blessed Be,

Jessica Motherwell



  1. I like your blog a lot and linked to it. It should suit my eclectic blog which often deals explicitly with states of consciousness and acceptance of Life.

    Thanks again for your images and words.

  2. Thank you and welcome aboard!

  3. Hi Jessica: Appreciating what I am reading on your blog.

  4. Hello Jessica, I just discovered your blog through blogiche and enjoying getting to know you,

    Peace and blessings,

  5. Oh Hurray! You are welcome to join the fun. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hi.
    I was looking for spotted owl pictures on the internet and I found your site. You have a very heart-felt and well written site. It is very interesting, and I wish I had the time to sit and read through it all.
    I was searching for owl pictures because I am considering doing a book on owls of the Pacific Northwest.
    Would you be interested in having some of your pictures featured?
    The book (well-booklet I guess) is just in the infant planning stages, but I was struck by the high quality of the spotted owl picture you have on your site.
    Sandy Schultz
    Los Osos, CA

  7. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks so much for your kinds words. And thanks for visiting my blog. Actually, my daughter found that spotted owl picture when she was doing her research. I have cut and pasted her credit (Also listed on my blog) so you can link back to the web page where she found it:

    Photo credits: My daughter found the spotted owl photo on Cowboyangel�s Friends http://www.triberefugees.ning.com

    If some of my other photos are of interest email me back and we can chat. I regret that I have not taken any owl photos myself. Please notify me when your project is complete so I can take a look :o)

    best wishes on your project Jessica

  8. it was better than best. thumbs up and keep writing.

  9. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well. I am interested in publishing an article on your site: brightheartsinging.wordpress.com . Before we take this forward, I’d be grateful if you could share with me the following information:

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    Veselina Dzhingarova

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