Posted by: drjamm | November 9, 2010

the thing about blogs

the thing about blogs is they tend to multiply like rabbits and then leave me scrambling after them as they hop off in every direction, nearly impossible to catch.

My first blog ever was here at bright heart singing. I still consider this blog my “home sweet home” — a place for me to rest, sip some tea, and reflect on the beauty and the challenges of life. But I also have heaps of behind the scenes blogs — one for every research project — and a few professional blogs depending on what “hat” I am wearing. The behind the scenes blogs are invaluable for collecting the raw material and hyperlinks necessary for any project. The professional blogs are also necessary but require me to “speak” in a different voice and in service of different purposes. Lately, all these other writing spaces have elbowed out my contemplative practice here.

I also have been worried about how much of my inner life belongs “out there” on the internet. Of course, I only blog about what is safe for me here and elsewhere on the net. But what should I do when I struggle with the “tough stuff” that should be kept private? Drop out of blogging until I am past the challenges? Make light of or keep silent about what is going on? And if I did keep silent about the bad and only wrote about the good wouldn’t my blog be “Polyanna” saccharine?

So I have asked myself, “why do I blog at all?” Obviously, my professional blogs have professional purposes that meet my communication needs. But what about my sweet home here? While there are several reason for me continuing here, the number one reason — by a long shot — is for my daughter. I want to leave behind a record of the soul level conversations I have with myself as I negotiate my life. When my daughter is 50, if I am still alive, I will be 88. This blog, bright heart singing, is my time capsule for her. I hope it will be another way I can walk with her through her mid-life journey.

But, also, I want to have you along as well, keeping me real, bringing me back again and again to this place to keep me company as I make my own journey. I benefit from your comments and your company. In an attempt to keep my conversation real, and create a more well-rounded written record by giving me the space to discuss the challenges along with the blessings in my life, I will experiment with the WordPress password protection for my entries that are more private and only for my regular readers, close friends, and — ultimately — my daughter. (Please ask me if you would like the passwords to my entries by leaving your email address in the comment section).

So here’s to my writing bright heart singing and to you recording your journey in a way that feels just-right-for-you. Who knows what our lives will look like 38 years from now when my daughter turns 50?


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  1. Great to see you back here!

  2. Welcome back, from Nikita Cat, Elivra Mistress of Pussydom, and I! Your last post will be in the current Carnival, since the carnival is running late, and we encourage others to join us in writing poetry. ;-D

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