Posted by: drjamm | June 14, 2010

raindrops on rose petals

The world shines about me,
luminous as the moon, smiling like a rose,
and a sweet benediction
flows through everything existing.
How beautiful life is.
— Hamza El Din

Now that I am here
in these shoes
walking this footpath,
my ears are filled with the”plop, plop” sounds
of raindrops falling off rose petals.
I marvel at this thirst-quenching symphony,
this fragrant cacophony.
I raise my hand to high five The Blossom Maestro,
but instead of slapping skin with a Holy Rosey Hand,
I only see a butterfly flutter by.
How could I have not heard these rose-drop performances before now?

— Jessica Motherwell, Raindrops off rose petals, June 2010

*******       bright heart singing                          credits and links             *******

Photo credit:  Photos by jamm at

Poem credits: I found Desse Barama (Peace) by Hamza El at

bright heart singing, copyright 2010 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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