Posted by: drjamm | June 9, 2010

calm after the storm

After days of brain fog and physical exhaustion, I have come home to a calm mind. I feel lucky that I was given the opportunity to take a mental health “p.j. day” over the weekend where I could just lie down and recover from the travel stress and the never ending pile-up of work since I have returned. Plus, I have been able to catch up on emails (Happiness is Inbox zero!) and resolve a few of the issues that I have been struggling with. My heart is lighter. Hello Calm Mind and Heart’s Ease, you are both very welcome back into my life.

Sometimes when I am wanting to blog but cannot focus my thoughts, I scroll through my photo library and see what images seem to mirror my interior landscape. I took this pic of a solitary sweet pea set against craggy rocks one calm-after-the-storm morning. The rain drops were barely dry by the time I took out my camera on this seaside walk. While there is no shortage of colour and contrast in this image, the overcast sky holds the upper hand, as it throws a moody, grey blanket over the whole scene, and keeps the energy subtle and contemplative.

I don’t have much to say about the sweet pea in me, but I am glad of this calm after the storm, the lingering overcast notwithstanding.

May Calm and Ease also come to visit you today. Shalom.

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