Posted by: drjamm | June 2, 2010

Back from field trip

Well my daughter and I made it back from Knoxville. The trip was happy, tense, exhausting and educational. But now I have so much work that has piled up while I was away. So while I alternate catching up on my lack of sleep and my HUGE pile-up of work, I’ll leave you with this silly joke that I learned this week:

Question: Why did the 1/5th go to the psychiatrist?

Answer: Because he was 2/10ths.

May you avoid being 2/10ths and instead enjoy the day. Wishing you Love and Peace.

*******       bright heart singing                          credits and links             *******

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bright heart singing, copyright 2010 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)



  1. amazing work jrjamm. very nice photos selection. one of the finest blog, i have come across. keep in touch

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