Posted by: drjamm | February 16, 2010

Good will overflows

On Valentine’s Day, when the sun was finally trying to make a surprise visit after endless days of grey, my family and I braved city transit and then clamoured to catch a glimpse of the Olympic torch on the waterfront. The only way we could get a clean shot of the torch was to stand on someone’s shoulder or wait in line to take a photo through a crack in the chain link fence. There was so much for us to see and do in downtown Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. But mostly, we happily wandered around and just appreciated the lack of rain and the fabulous street art everywhere (above photo.)

Initially, my plan was to run away, out of town, for the duration of the Winter Olympics, but my daughter convinced me that this was a once in a life time opportunity for her. After reconsideration, I have decided to quell my phobia of crowds and dive right into the celebrating masses. Our plan now is to sample the free culture and soak in the good will that overflows from the thousands upon thousands of people we brush shoulders with each trip  downtown.

See you in the streets!

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  1. Hi, Jessica—

    I just found you via Kinsi’s ‘Spirituality and Sunflowers’ and wanted to let you know how gorgeous I think your photos are! I’m adding your blog to my reader and will be visiting often!

    Many blessings—


  2. I am happy to have you come and visit. Thanks for the compliment. with best wishes, Jessica

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