Posted by: drjamm | January 27, 2010

Desert voices

Then go out into the desert… Hafiz

New bright heart singing podcast!

click here to listen to my 1st podcast: “Desert voices”

Now that I have raised the glass of pure wine to my lips,
The nightingale starts to sing!

Go to the librarian and ask for the book of this bird’s songs, and
Then go out into the desert. Do you really need college to read this book?

— Hafiz

*******       bright heart singing                          credits and links             *******

Photo credits: Photos by jamm at

Podcast credits: yep that’s my voice!  jamm

Poem credit: Poem excerpt from: Hafiz, The Essence of Grace, English version by Thomas Rain Crowe. I found this poem on my favourite poetry blog, Poetry Chaikhana:

bright heart singing, copyright 2010 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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