Posted by: drjamm | September 21, 2009

eagle poops – meditation

Yesterday I wrote about an eagle that landed in a nearby tree just as I was writing a difficult-for-me post for this blog. I took the following video expecting that the magnificent bird would fly off at any second. I wanted to capture the bird in flight with my camera.

For minute after minute, I kept on alert for the eagle’s launch. But instead, it stayed in that tree with me clearly in its sight. “Hey, quit expecting the eagle to leave and just be here now in the company of this glorious companion,” I chided myself. So I relaxed and watched with what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel would call “radical amazement” at the wonder of my being in the company of that eagle.

And that Regal Eagle, after a good long time of contemplation, — pooped! What did I expect a speech from the throne?

So above is a video I took of this bald eagle who shared some meditation time with me yesterday. I invite you sit for 10 minutes and BE with this glorious bird.

May you be filled with “radical amazement” about the world you live in. Shalom.


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