Posted by: drjamm | June 26, 2009

Ways to Heaven

One day I got an unexpected email from my friend, Jerry, asking me to publish his poem. I loved the poem but it was an unusual request to ask to have a poem published on my spiritual blog. Nevertheless, I replied to Jerry and said I would be delighted to publish his poem. He wrote me back, and with embarrassment, explained that he meant to send the email to a publisher and accidentally sent it to me. But he, nevertheless, was thrilled I agreed to publish his poem. A happy accident for us both! And now this seems like the perfect time to share Jerry’s poem with you.



By Jeronimo Miller

The bed quietly murmurs your name
And the room awaits your pen and eye.
The mattress sleeps expectantly for
————— your next curvaceous recline.
The quilt wishes to hold your fragrance,
And the pillow your dreams.

“Ohh, this  is  good  !”

The mantra of the evenings
When the two a-likes
Entwine within their warmth,
And wordlessly
Pass maps
Of the Ways to Heaven.

*******       bright heart singing                              credits and links             *******

Photo credit – jamm @ bright heart singing

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)



  1. This is a vary nice accident indeed, tell Jerry he has a nice form of poetry.

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