Posted by: drjamm | May 4, 2009

Song of the reed

Listen to the reed and the tale it tells,
How it sings of separation:
Ever since they cut me from the reed bed,
my wail has caused men and women to weep.
I want a heart torn open with longing
To share the pain of this love.
Whoever has been parted from his source
Longs to return to the state of union.

– Rumi


Most of the time, I feel filled with the Goodness of my independent spiritual journey. But sometimes, like tonight, I feel raw with the missing of my Spiritual community and all I can do is sit down and have a good cry along with Rumi’s reed that laments over its separation from the reed bed.

At every gathering I play my lament.
I’m a friend to both happy and sad.
Each befriended me for his own reasons,
Yet none searched out the secrets I contain.
My secret is not different than my lament,
Yet this is not for the senses to perceive.

– Rumi

May tears, like rain, bring us a fresh, newly washed day in the morning.

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jamm@brightheartsingingPoem credit: Rumi’s poem, “Song of the Reed” is published in Love Is A Stranger, selected Rumi poetry by Kabir Helminski. The above excerpt came from

Photo credit – photos by jamm @ bright heart singing

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)



  1. Rumi is such an insight

    Separation is hard, yet the pain should be known, as it signals a kind of damage, or perhaps a loss of connection.

    And then there it is; the gift of longing, the desire to know again, the prayer to belong, the journey begun.

    Thanks for your post

  2. beautiful!!!! 🙂

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