Posted by: drjamm | April 19, 2009

It happened again last night

I caught the happy virus last night
When I was out singing beneath the stars.
It is remarkably contagious –
So kiss me.

— Hafiz

It happened again last night.
I opened my mouth to sing
And chanced to call
A swarm of love struck bees;
Who began to tickle my toes,
Then bumble up and
Stumble into my belly;
Where they proceeded
To party and dance with such abandon
That my Heart, so caught up in
The bees’ singing and merriment,
Slipped out between my ribs,
And, like a tail-wagging puppy
On her first outing,
Decided to go visiting
All the folks in need
Of a heart-to-heart.

So now it is just me
And my Divine Bees
singing and humming
Songs of love and healing;
Biding the time till my Heart comes
Flying back home with
Heaps of musical notes sticking to her
Like fragrant pollen;
To tell us honey-sweet stories
Of the struggle, courage, and devotion,
Of the folks she visited last night.

I could feel overwhelmed by the Love of those folks.
I could feel desolate at this momentary
Absence of my Heart as it goes a-visiting
Somewhere outside of my empty chest.
I could feel awe at the mystery of
Spirit showing up to surprise me
With overflowing Joy while I am singing.
I even could feel One With All
If I wasn’t so distracted by these
Bees tickling my toes.

Divine Bees, by Jessica Motherwell

May the Divine Bees bring you a honey-sweet song, a heart full of Joy, and a belly full of giggles.

*******       bright heart singing                              credits and links             *******

Poem credits: The poem “The happy virus” quoted above is by Hafiz, From: The subject tonight is love – 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz – Daniel Ladinsky. I found a copy of this poem on AllSpirit,

I just wrote Divine Bees today after reflecting on my joyful and Heart-Full experience of singing last night in the Universal Gospel Choir with Shari Ulrich and for the Callanish Society (a non-profit organization providing retreats for people living with cancer and their families).

Photo credit – photos by jamm @

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)



  1. If I will read the 1st paragraph and let my sensuality take over a new meaning of sweet “tickling” I can imagine:)

    So nice…

  2. I am glad to have you reading and making new meanings of my poem. :0)

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