Posted by: drjamm | March 12, 2009

Coming home

But wherever you run
Wherever you roam
Every road is leading you home
Whatever may come
Whatever the load
Every road
Every road leads home

— Shari Ulrich, “Every road”


Everywhere I turn today I am reading  — or singing — about coming home. I have been inspired by Dianne Connelly’s slim and humble book, All Sickness is Home Sickness. She makes an eloquent observation from her experience as a healer in Chinese Medicine that we are always on our way Home and that every cry out in pain from our bodies is a cry for our Home. She talks about our instinct for “homing;” that we try first one option and then another ever searching for the clues on the path that will show us the way to our Home. I have discovered that mulling over the concept of homing has been gently re-organizing how I look at my own past behaviour. My mistakes seem not so much “dumb ideas” or “failed attempts” but more like dignified “good try’s” that were purposeful — full of purpose. One step goes in front of the other whether I can see the path or not. My mistakes and accomplishments are necessary to the journey of finding my way home to my own Home-in-My-Heart.

Every Road

Our choir is rehearsing Shari Ulrich’s song, Every Road for a concert later this year. I am loving Shari’s compassionate message that ALL life choices are constructive and — eventually — lead one Home. I find singing Every Road each day during practice soothes my “woulda-coulda-shoulda critics” inside my head. The point is: I did “it (all the past events I fret over)” the way I did it, and, whether others would think my methods “right’ or “wrong” I have, nevertheless, arrived home to my Self. (I don’t always stay Home: I can — and do — occasionally lose my bearings but that is another blog entry all together…)

By coincidence, as I am writing this entry my iTunes library has randomly played a new download by Foy Vance who sings:

61beqxntm9l_ss500_…sunshine made my bare feet burn upon the road
far away we’d roam…
Homebird sing;
fly me high on an angel’s wing.
Homebird sing;
leave out nothing tell me everything

Foy Vance, “Watermelon Oranges”

In essence, we are all Homebirds choosing the best ways we know how to find our way home.  From the day we are born, we are all engaged in “homing.” Actually, I like to think of this instinct for home as an act of Divine Homing. We each have our unique ways of responding to the gravitational pull of the Ultimate-Centre-of-the-Self. The good news is we have the choice to put aside regrets and thoughts of time “wasted” trying out “unproductive” coping  methods because every path we take is good and gets us where we need to be. As Shari Ulrich says: “Every road leads home.” Every road will lead us back to our own Sacred Centre – our own Home Sweet Home.

May you honour your own life choices, celebrate your own instinct for Divine Homing, and feel the relief and bliss of reaching your own Home Sweet Home.

Credits and links:

Song credits: (1) Every road is written and sung by Shari Ulrich and can be found on her album, Every Road. More about Shari can be found on her web page

(2) Homebird is written and sung by Foy Vance can be found on his album Watermelon oranges. For more about Foy Vance see his web page: Lyrics for Homebird can be found at


Book credit:

All sickness is Home Sickness, by Diane Connelly. This book is a bit hard to find but try this link if you want to check out her book:

Photo credit: jamm @bright heart singing.

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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