Posted by: drjamm | March 7, 2009

Fear again, but not for long

Oh, for Heaven’s sake!


Yesterday, I fell out of a Loving Heart and into a Fearful Mind. Financial worries, thoughts about my mortality, minor health concerns. Uhgg! I hate living in Fear with my guts in turmoil, muscles tight, and my mind turned into a treacherous quagmire of a broiling, unproductive, stew of “the usual suspects” – the painful thoughts I have that feed and grow off one another at the expense of my Life Force.

All around me the creators of the popular media try to erode and “fear-groom” me with each hourly news cast. And just last week when the news was not as horrible as it has been lately, radio programmers dredged up a news series to remind us that the Big Earthquake is immanent. Oh, for Heaven’s sake! When will the creators of this horrifying media stop trying to tangle me up in a paralyzing state of permanent dread? “Never.” I hear the answer clearly every single time I slip into the fear promoted by mainstream media producers. So in self-defense — in defense of my Self and in celebration of my Loving Heart — I reaffirm that I will step out of all fear programming.

This is the news announcement I am broadcasting:



Woman disbelieves media’s fear stories, runs for the hills.

Another woman ran for the hills today after tiring of listening to the hourly news broadcasts. Those witnesses present heard her exclaim, “Oh for Heaven’s sake!” and then saw her bolt out the door and run away along the nearby country path.  In an attempt to find the missing woman, local police are following a trail of discarded daisy-chains. One tour group returning from a day hike in the mountains, reported seeing a wild-haired woman joyfully dancing in a back-country meadow with a number of other gentle folk who had gathered there. The search continues…

When it comes to my relationship to fear, this next poem by Hafiz radically altered my life in one brilliant flash of clarity.

Fear is the cheapest room in the house
I would like to see you living
in better conditions…

(Hafiz, The Gift)

101_01071Fear is the house that our society and, especially, the creators of the popular media have custom built for me. My personal revolution came when I realized I could  choose to stay in the Fear House or I could look for better living conditions. In spite of the fact that I occasionally lose my way and find myself back in Fear House,” just visiting” the cheapest accommodations, my Life choice is clear and blesses me every day: I choose to live in the House of Love. I am willing to walk away from Fear House — even if it means I need to hang out with only a few Gentle Folk while I wait for more and more of us to look for better living conditions.

This is the hourly — or sometimes minute by minute — broadcast in my mind:

Today, this minute, I choose to live in the House of Love because here is where my body comes alive with Freedom, Joy, Inspiration, and most of all, Love. Here in this House of Love is where I– finally — feel at Home.

I send along my wish that you, too, can continue your search for better living conditions and find a place of Love to shelter you always.

Credits and Links:

the gift by hafizPoem credit: “Your mother and my motherby Hafiz, published in The Gift: Poems by Hafiz The Great Sufi Master, Translations by Daniel Ladinsky, p. 39.

Photo credits: Photos by jamm at

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)

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