Posted by: drjamm | January 19, 2009


hot tea on the snow
basking in the sun while wrapped in winter woolies
a silent eagle and booming fog horns;
crunchy pond ice and a soft carpet of leaves.

mint tea in snow,

After days of rain followed by more days of pea-soup fog, the sun bashfully made an appearance yesterday. I simply had to get out in the rare moment of sunshine. I dragged out the summer lounge and covers, sleeping bag, thick wool socks, winter coat, scarf, gloves, my Sunday reading and, last but not least, a pot of organic mint and green tea. Ahhhhhh! Finding no better purch for my tea cup, I placed it on the nearby mound of snow that has been attempting to melt away for the last three weeks.

tea in snow, jamm@brightheartsinging.wordpress.comAs I sat sipping my tea and reading, I listened to the distant fog horns – BRUUUUU-OOOOOG — bruuuuuu-ooooog. Two fog horns! The lower elevations were still wrapped in a thick blanket of fog so dense that two fog horns were needed — a rare event in these parts. A crunchy ice crust still topped the little pond while an eagle silently glided back and forth surveying the land for the possibility of a meal. All around my lounge chair were the rust-coloured, dead leaves that the latest snowfall had dragged out of the cedar trees. (Who ever said that cedar trees were everGREEN should come over to our house in the fall and winter and discover the truth!) The copius amount of cedar debris made our backyard look as if we had installed an new, soft, shag carpet.

jamm@brightheartsinging.comSometimes, these days of inversions — or fog banks — call us to just go with the flow. The lack of ordinary visibility causes us to slow down and trust our other perceptive senses to fill in the visual gaps. I enjoy the inversions of life as a way to step out of the “trance of the ordinary.” Somehow the juxtaposition of the opposites or upside-down-ness of the day makes each element pop out and beg to be noticed. Inversions make me think of the Fool of the tarot deck who reminds us to view the world with fresh, unpracticed, naive eyes. Hot tea on the snow? “Of course!” says the Fool, ” how else would one drink tea?”

May you  – like the naive Fool – find freshness and illumination during Life’s inversions.

Photo credits :

bright heart singing, copyright 2009 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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