Posted by: drjamm | November 14, 2008

Sacred love poems


Hurray! I am nearly done completely re-organizing my study and storage room. As a way to celebrate my Light, New, Clean feeling, I hope you will allow me the indulgence of sharing some yummy sacred poetry that I read this morning for my contemplative time. Enjoy!

The most exalted experience of bliss
in any realm of being
is directly knowing the universal Mother,
the supremely blissful one.
Ecstatic lovers of Kali the Sublime
are not pilgrims to sacred shrines,
for they hear all existence
singing the glory of the Goddess.

by Ramprasad Sen


God, God, God!

From the depth of slumber,
As I ascend the spiral stairway of wakefulness,
I whisper
God, God, God!

Thou art the food and when I break my fast
Of nightly separation from Thee
I taste thee and mentally say
God, God, God!

No matter where I go, the spotlight of my mind
Ever keeps turning on Thee;
And in the battle dim of activity my silent war cry
Is ever;
God, God, God!

When boisterous storms of trials shriek
And worries howl at me,
I drown their noises, loudly chanting
God, God, God!

When my mind weaves dreams
With threads of memories,
Then on that magic cloth I do emboss;
God, God, God!

Paramahansa YoganandaEvery night, in time of deepest sleep,
My peace dreams and calls; Joy! Joy! Joy!
And my Joy comes singing evermore;

God, God, God!

In waking, eating, working, dreaming, sleeping,
Serving, meditating, chanting, divinely loving,
My soul constantly hums, unheard by any;
God, God, God!

– Paramahansa Yogananda

Credits and links:

“Krishna being fed by Mayasadowith” Divine Mother image found at:

Find a copy of Ramprasad Sen‘s poem at Poet Seers at:

Listen to a reading of Yogananda’s “God, God, God” poem at Poetry Chaikhana at:

Learn all about Paramahansa Yogananda on the Self-Realization web site:

(bright heart singing, copyright 2008 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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