Posted by: drjamm | November 9, 2008

Radiance after the rain

After the rain, Nature is drenched in beauty.

rain drops on carnation

It has been raining hard these past few Autumn days. And now that we have daylight savings time, darkness curtains each day too soon, it seems to me. Driving home at 6:00 PM yesterday, the early darkness, pelting rain, and poor visibility made me wish I could just stay home with my family and avoid the risky traffic. It is hard to be thankful to Nature when Autumn rains and darkness come.


But this morning, the rains paused for a moment, the sun shyly peaked out between a few storm clouds, and Beauty danced across the landscape. Each plant was jeweled in lingering raindrops that the sun’s rays made sparkle like diamonds. All around me were the dying leaves and winter foliage that normally I do not noticed. But the morning Sun’s oblique angle brought brilliance to each raindrop that dazzled my eye. Suddenly, I could take in the Beauty of the contrast between the “ugliness” of the dying leaves and plants AND the radiance in the dance of Light on raindrops. How could I not notice the Divine elegance of Autumn’s contrasting finery? I am grateful to have seen the Beloved’s radiance in each raindrop and dying plant today.

May the Beloved’s radiance bring peace and beauty to All today. Shalom.

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(bright heart singing, copyright 2008 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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