Posted by: drjamm | September 30, 2008

Dreamed into being

“Sometimes I wonder if there is such a thing as reality, an objective and untouched nature of being. Or if all that we encounter has already been changed by what we imagined it to be. If we have dreamed it into being.” (Divakaruni, C.B. (1997) Mistress of Spices, p. 17)

In my life I have certainly had both unimaginably beautiful and horrific happenings. I could NOT have possibly imagined the exquisite way reality unfolded in front of me like the delicate blossoming of a rose or the way it has occasionally slammed into me like the proverbial “bug into the windshield”. And yet there is another  sense I am developing that — for better or worse — reality does seem to come into being the way I imagine it could be.

The more I am learning to turn away from thinking about the way things “should be,” or the way things “have been in the past,” the more I open up to ask myself to imagine how reality Could Be. I am coming to appreciate that there is an actual space-time called “Could Be.” When I stop reacting to the events of this world and finally get quiet within my Self, I can start to see a better future — one that is for the “Good of All.” Then, I start to feel my way into a future that is less about me and what I want and more about how I can be of service; how I can be in my Right Place doing the Right Thing how I can LOVE more.

When I first glimpse this new reality, I feel like I become a co-creator who births this future full of Grace and Expansiveness into existence. From that quiet, centred, ego-less, and Divine place I find I naturally use my “calling thought” — as Chitra Banjerjee Divakaruni’s “Mistress of Spices” refers to it (p 18). In my experience, when I finally get myself clear-headed enough to begin my calling thought, I sense the “new” Could Be space-time is already  there waiting for me. In Fact, I find the Could Be world is usually already populated with my future friends and Spirit Helpers who say exuberantly, “Good Gracious Girl, what kept you so long!” Paradoxically, it is as if this Could Be place-time already exists — before I can imagined it — and at the same time does not exist UNTIL I imagine it. And when I finally “dream” Could Be “into being” I discover it  was just waiting there for me to catch up to it all along.

I love the paradoxes involved in this world of Could Be and in the use of my calling thought; and most especially, I love the reunion feeling I get when I finally right my Self and catch up to my Dream and — with the blessing of all present there in the future — bring that brilliant Could Be reality into the NOW.

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