Posted by: drjamm | September 10, 2008

The Qur’an from the beginning

I am beginning my reading of the Qur’an. My reasons for reading this Islamic Holy Book are many but here are two of them. First of all, I have studied and meditated on the writings Sufi poets nearly every night for over a year. I have often asked myself what could have inspired unwavering devotion and caused a constant out pouring of Love from such brilliant masters as Hafiz and Rumi. The Qur’an was unquestionably the bedrock upon which each Sufi Master built his — or her — house of devotion. I believe if I am ever going to able to truly appreciate the social and religious context around Sufi devotion, I need to read and personalize the messages of the Qur’an.

Secondly, I have long sought for my own personal response to the shock of the terrorist attacks of “9-11.” I believe Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was correct when he said, “In regard to cruelties committed in the name of a free society, some are guilty, while all are responsible.” In the years since the bombing of the twin towers in New York, I have looked for MY responsibility in the fact that many Islamic people feel neglected, and even wronged, by the West. I think my total ignorance about Islamic politics and religion, Muhammad and other inspired Islamic saints, and the Qur’an is my part — MY responsibility — in the “9-11” crisis.  I, now, feel inspired to step up to my responsibility — to leave behind my ignorance and find aspects of Islam and the Qur’an to love and use a moral compass in my life.

So this is the start of my journey into the Qur’an…

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Quote from A.J. Heschel, Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity (ed. by Susannah Heschel; Farrar Straus & Giroux), pp. 224-6.

The Qur’an pictured above: The Qur’an: Translation (paperback) by Abdullah Yusef (Trans) Ali (Author)

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  1. If u love Rumi and Hafiz you must Love the Quran after all thier Beloved was Allah the revealer of the Quran.

    The Mathnavi of Rumi is known to true Islamic teachers of tasawuf (sufis) to have been Ilhami, inspired by God. Rumi was a lover of God..of Allah of the Quran.. he accpeted everyone to his school as he wanted all to become lovers of on true Allah. Beofre he became interested in tassawuf ( reformation of the self (sufism)) he was a scholar of ISlam and was teaching the Quran and hadith…

    anyways I find you really interesting as I know people from all religions read Rumi (even though they have never studied the mathnavi under a true spiritual guide who understands Rumi’s message) but you seem to be a devout Christian too thus I wonder how his message blends in to your beliefs. For examle Rumi talks of his beloveds Allah and his teacher samesh Tabrezi for you I suppose its Jesus?

    We as muslims beleve in jesus peace be upon him but only as a prophet not the devine. Eesa Ruhullah ( Jesus the Spiritof Allah).

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