Posted by: drjamm | April 7, 2008

Wild Beauty

Sometimes I find my eye has grown fatigued by the regimented standards of beauty we are bombarded with by the popular media. More often than not, I have wandered city streets and carefully groomed suburbs and felt uninspired by the “curbside” views? But if I start to pay attention, I find that Mother Nature invites me to slow down and take in her Wild Beauty.

For example, the wild broom is an “invading species” that is now happily asserting its rights all over the globe. Many folks curse the dreaded broom and try to quell its zest for multiplication by uprooting it whenever possible. But heedless of humans’ attempts to influence its spread, the broom proliferates abundantly with “exploding” seed pods and celebrates unabashedly with gorgeous sun-yellow blossoms. The photo here shows an unusual “spicy” red variation to the traditional yellow blossom.

I think there was a time I would have walked past this plant and just thought, “hmmmm, weed — must remember to dig that out…” But on this day, with my camera in hand, I was riveted by the exquisite beauty and spicy individuality of this lone broom on our land. In many ways, the plant life — and all Life — in our surroundings offers many examples of “exquisite beauty and spicy individuality,” if only we trade in our “dulled city vision” for a fresh Natural perspective. This photo of the broom blossom is a reminder to me to slow down and really take in all the Wild Beauty surrounding me.

May I bring a sense of Wonder and Curiosity to all Life I encounter. Amen.

(bright heart singing, copyright 2008 – jamm. Creative commons attribution, non-commercial sharing only (translation: feel free to quote me in context or use this entry but please always credit me for my work, thanks.)


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